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The Heather Guild Group of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate has long understood the connection between the strength of any given public school and the strength of the real estate market in that neighborhood.

And, as parents ourselves, we understand the desire to live near good schools!

With over 20% of the market share and more than $63 million in homes sold in the Stonewall Jackson Elementary area so far this year, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate is the leading real estate company in East Dallas.

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If you or someone you know, is looking for a home for sale near Stonewall Jackson Elementary, or has a home to sell in the neighborhood, give us a call!  The Heather Guild Group provides a powerful synergy of market knowledge, customer service and negotiating prowess to every transaction.


Realtors in East Dallas Realtors in Stonewall Jackson Elementary East Dallas homes for sale real estate marketWith two daughters at Stonewall Jackson Elementary, our own Amy Sack understands the appeal of this neighborhood!

“As a group, our first-hand knowledge of the neighborhoods we live in and the schools serviced by those neighborhoods, makes us a unique resource for our clients.”  Amy says.





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At the Heather Guild Group, we believe the homes are for hosting!  With the holiday party season officially in full-swing, you’ll be visiting many lovely homes of family and friends over the next several weeks.  As your favorite neighborhood experts, we wanted save you some time this busy holiday season and share a few of our favorite local shops for hostess gifts!

Let’s face it, The Gypsy Wagon never disappoints. That’s why they remain one of our go-to stores, especially in a pinch. You can always count on them to haveunique and quirky gifts we just can’t get enough of. When it comes to hostess gifts, these candles are top-sellers. They come in three scents in beautiful containers that they say many customers actually reuse. We couldn’t resist these vintage-inspired Santa mugs, reminiscent of those from our childhood. Fill them with treats and your spot on the nice list is secured.

best local hostess gifts in east dallas by the heather guild group east dallas realtors at dave perry miller real estate

best local hostess gifts in east dallas by the heather guild group east dallas realtors at dave perry miller real estate









Talulah & HESS is known for having the best variety of on-trend, must-have gifts in the neighborhood. If you’re on the hunt for a handful of hostess gifts, you can probably make this your one-stop-shop.  These pretty pouches are absolutely perfect and flying off the shelves. They come in a variety of colors and fun messages that are sure to delight any host. We are suckers for great packaging, so fill that with boozy-inspired candies from Sugarfina and we are sold.

best local hostess gifts in east dallas by the heather guild group east dallas realtors at dave perry miller real estate best local hostess gifts in east dallas by the heather guild group east dallas realtors at dave perry miller real estate







Birchwood is a newcomer to the neighborhood on North Henderson Avenue, bringing a well-curated variety of hip home decor and gift items sourced from independent artists and design houses. We guarantee your hostess will be head-over-heels in love with these bent wood sculpture planters.  And if you hurry over, you might be able to still get your hands on these shatterproof wine glasses and decanters with the handy thumb groove. They’ve been one of the store’s top-selling items and would be perfect to pair with a bottle of wine. These fancy fold napkins also caught our eye. They come pre-folded and are sure to impress any guest with little to no effort from the host.

best local hostess gifts in east dallas by the heather guild group east dallas realtors at dave perry miller real estate best local hostess gifts in east dallas by the heather guild group east dallas realtors at dave perry miller real estate best local hostess gifts in east dallas by the heather guild group east dallas realtors at dave perry miller real estate













If you need something quick and simple, head on over to the T-Shop in the Lakewood Shopping Center. These cute containers and mugs filled with festive floral and greens are on point!  They also have a great collection of ornaments, gift cards, candles and more.

best local hostess gifts in east dallas by the heather guild group east dallas realtors at dave perry miller real estate best local hostess gifts in east dallas by the heather guild group east dallas realtors at dave perry miller real estate









Lastly, The Sample House in the Casa Linda Shopping center rounds out our list, as it’s a tried-and-true mainstay in the neighborhood. If you’re looking for something with more traditional holiday flair, these dish towels are a great option. The Frazier Fir line by Thymes just might be the perfect seasonal scent, and it’s offered in several forms from candles to diffusers, hand soap and more

best local hostess gifts in east dallas by the heather guild group east dallas realtors at dave perry miller real estate best local hostess gifts in east dallas by the heather guild group east dallas realtors at dave perry miller real estate







At the Heather Guild Group, we know that homes are our gathering place; where we entertain, host family dinners, and make memories for years to come…if we can help you with your home buying or selling needs in the coming year, please let us know.  We’d be happy to help you find new halls to deck for 2017!

Written by: Amy Sack, Heather Guild Group - Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate




Featured Guest Blogger:
Ashley Bell, Ashley Bell Interiors |

We’re already a week into December (I know…where does the month go?!?) and if the idea of decorating your whole home for the holidays is a bit overwhelming, you’re in good company.  Just like anything else that seems daunting, start by honing in on that one thing that can be your catalyst for all your holiday decor.

It could be a color, an ornament you saw in a store, a certain heirloom piece, a Chip and Joanna Gaines episode (although please don’t try to put shiplap on your tree) ;), art the kids brought home from school…there is inspiration EVERYWHERE. I’m not a big fan of design “rules” as it is but I feel like especially with Christmas décor, anything goes. Perhaps that’s why it can be so overwhelming.  Choosing to start with one thing and then bringing whatever that is in various ways throughout your house is a much easier strategy that will hopefully leave you feeling the spirit of this glorious season and not pulling your hair out (that’s for when the in-laws come).

What do I mean? Ok. For example, I found these cone trees a couple of years ago and fell in love.  

Holiday Decor suggestions by East Dallas Christmas Interior Design Dallas Lakewood Homes for Sale East Dallas Homes for Sale

Instead of buying a few and adding to all the other random Christmas décor I had in boxes…I waited for them to go on major sale and bought more than I care to admit.  However, what that did was give me a common theme to bring throughout our home.  I have them in every single main living space (and kitchen, bedrooms, etc.) but decorated them with the colors I wanted to bring into each of those rooms. In the living, dining and kitchen I added turquoise and rose gold accents to match the color scheme in those rooms.  In the den, I kept them more neutral and in the playroom, I surrounded them with lots of fun colors for the kids.

Holiday Decor by east dallas decorator Ashley Bell of Ashley Bell Interiors - Ashley Bell shares holiday decor tips with the Heather Guild Group, East Dallas best realtors homes for sale in east dallas ashley bell design heather guild group dave perry miller real estate

What I did with the cone trees can apply to anything.  Say you want a more natural approach.  How about something as simple as greenery?  Greenery that you bring throughout your home by placing some on each mantle, some in a big vase on the kitchen counter, along the banister, a wreath hanging on your backsplash or on your shelves, little sprigs in small bud vases on a stack of books and so on.

East Dallas home design dallas designer best dallas designer best dallas realtor ashley bell features holiday decor for dallas


To me, one of the easiest and budget friendly ways to spread Christmas cheer throughout the home is ornaments.  You can buy boxes of them in colors that match each room, a few colors that you carry all throughout the home or even just one single color.  You can use ornaments in so many ways, a quick Pinterest search will have your head spinning.  The simplest way is to get a large bowl and just pour them in. If you want to be more festive, add a small string of those tiny LED lights or some magnolia leaves/greenery. I had votive holders on my mantle that are there year round and they were the perfect “perch” for an ornament in each.  Candlesticks are another great place for ornaments to hangout.

holiday decor tips and suggestions by dallas designer ashley bell of ashley bell interiors. ashley shares tips with east dallas realtors heather guild group at dave perry miller real estate

Even those succulent arrangements (inside and out) that we all have can be a great opportunity for a little holiday pizazz. I’m going to have to copy that first pic on the top left from Debra Lee Baldwin – talk about a great décor project for the kids to jump in and help with!

East Dallas Designer Ashley Bell with Ashley Bell Interiors showcases her holiday decor ideas with East Dallas Realtors Heather Guild Group Dave Perry Miller Real Estate

In the end of course, there is no right or wrong way to decorate for Christmas. If you pulled it all down from the attic and are looking at the pile with a thousand yard stare, one of the best things to do is to lay out everything you have and edit. EDIT. Cut out anything you haven’t used in the last 5 years (other than family keepsakes of course) and donate it. Less is more. What a great thought to end this post with during the season of packed schedules and endless Amazon purchases. Less is more. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!    



conforming loan limits increase in 2017

Featured Guest Blogger:
Tony Kruse, The Kruse Dickstein Team at IBERIABANK Mortgage

The conventional conforming loan limits for 2017 have increased from $417,000 to $424,100 for single family homes.  2-unit properties now have an increased loan limit of $543,000. These increases apply to loans delivered to Fannie Mae in 2017, EVEN IF the loan originates prior to January 1, 2017. Meaning, if a buyer has an accepted contract with an effective date in 2016, the new limits will apply, as long as the property closes in 2017.

Loan limits increase How much home can I buy in east dallas east dallas homes for sale lakewood homes for sale mortgage rules 2017

While somewhat minimal, this is the first time the base loan limits have increased since 2006. It has positive implications for buyers who are able to remain within the conforming loan guidelines. Here’s why:

  • Conforming loans allow the buyer to put down as little as 5% (3% for a first time homebuyer), whereas the minimum down for a jumbo loan is 10%.
  • Conforming loans (in comparison to a jumbo loan, which as of 2017 is anything above $424,100.00), have regulations and rules that are less stringent. Simply put, as a mortgage loan officer, we get to ask for less from the client.  No one likes digging up unnecessary paperwork!
  • Conforming loans are more flexible when it comes to debt to income requirements, credit scores, AND asset reserves (how much money you need in the bank after closing).

If you have any questions regarding your own personal financing situation, and whether or not these new limits apply to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to Tony Kruse with The Kruse Dickstein Team within IBERIABANK Mortgage.

Kruse Dickstein Team Iberiabank mortgage discusses loan limit increases for 2017 and impact on East Dallas Real  Estate



Tony Kruse, Executive Vice President, NMLS 419451 |  214-289-5973

It’s the time of year your guest room gets EXTRA use!  If you are like me, you’ve been making your list and checking it twice; making sure that everything is ready for your family to arrive next week.  Of course, as your neighborhood experts on ALL THINGS REAL ESTATE, we have thoughts on how to make that room extra special this holiday season.  

As many of you know, I was raised in the south, in a home where southern hospitality reigned supreme, so when I think about sprucing up my guest room, my focus is the COMFORT of my guests.

10 Tips for a perfect guest room:
  1. Reach out to your guests beforehand and ask about any dietary request or “favorites” – I love having our guests favorite wine, scotch or spirit of choice when they arrive.  
  2. Prepare for midnight snacks and morning coffee. A tray of bottled water and granola bars is sure to be a hit.  If you have the room, a coffee bar is an extra special touch.  guest room coffee bar by lakewood realtor heather guild
  3. Make the room feel fresh and clean!  Open the windows while you dust and vacuum.  Run the ceiling fan and light a candle.  
  4. Buy a small bouquet of fresh flowers for the nightstand and bathroom.  
  5. Make the guest bed feel like a luxurious hotel room.  Think soft, layered linens!  An extra blanket or throw is a good idea for cold nights! 
  6. Guest Room East Dallas RealtorMake space in the guest room closet for your guests clothes and suitcases!  
  7. Make your guest room tech-savvy – leave the guests your wi-fi password and an extra phone charger(finding a plug can be annoying)!  Leave instructions on how to work the remote.
  8. Leave fresh towels and toiletries in the bathroom where they are easy to find.  I’m a huge fan of the Nate Berkus line of linens from Target!  Soft and luxurious, but inexpensive enough that you can replace them easily when needed.  guest room lakewood real estate
  9. Don’t forget the lighting!  A small lamp or nightlight your guest can leave on is a nice touch.   
  10. Start a guest journal…think about how much fun it will be to look back on the year and see who visited your home!      
See more of our guest room tips on our Pinterest Page:  At Home With Houseguests


Committed to excellent customer service, the Heather Guild Group at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate provides service during the sale and for the life of your home!  

If you are looking for a home for sale in Lakewood or Lake Highlands or know of someone who would benefit from our services, we hope you will give us a call!  

Heather Guild Group, Dave Perry Miller Real Estate

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risd suspends plans at white rock trail elementary in lake highlands…

Plans for the new White Rock Trail Elementary in Lake Highlands, have been indefinitely suspended, according to RISD Interim Superintendent Dr. Jeannie Stone.

“From our perspective, the relationship between a home the schools served by it’s neighborhood are a significant factor in the property’s value.  We will be closely following the developments for White Rock Elementary students in order to better serve our clients in Lake Highlands.”  – Haley Wagstaff, Realtor

Faced with overcrowding at White Rock Elementary, the Richardson Independent School District created a plan that would divide the White Rock Elementary feeder pattern into two-parts and set out in search of a site to house the new neighborhood school.  (Read more about the proposed boundary changes)white rock elementary  lake highlands

Once the location of the new school was announced, parents and residents voiced serious concern over the location at the southwest corner of Walnut Hill and White Rock Trail.  It’s close proximity to a DART line, location off a a busy road, and a deed restriction on the property which prevent a school building were all points of contention between parents and the district.  As neighbors responded in force against the plan for the newly named “White Rock Trail Elementary”, yard signs for the “We Have a Voice” protest were evident throughout the neighborhood.

In response to the communities serious concern about the new school at White Rock Trail, and concerned that they will be unable to overcome the challenges the site raises, RISD has suspended their efforts to build a new school at that site.  They plan to finish the demolition currently in progress and stabilize the land, but have suspended work with the architect.

white rock elementary lake highlandsOf course, this still doesn’t alleviate the issue of the overcrowding at White Rock Elementary in the short or long term.  To help with the short-term issues, the board is working with the principal at WRE and the Lake Highlands Early Childhood PTA to get an accurate headcount on the enrollment numbers for 2017-2018.  They are expected to provide parents with an answer on whether or not their children will be accommodated at the school by the end of this semester.

In the long-term, the board has contracted with a growth planning consultant at Stantec, Inc.

“We must engage every household in the attendance zone in a non-biased way to extract the best information possible,” said Nayak, the consultant at Stantec charged with helping RISD solve it’s overcrowding issue.

Over the next few months, Stantec plans implement “Phase 1” of their research, which includes:

  1. 1) Capacity Analysis – will spend 4 weeks looking at the capacity of the existing building and site where White Rock Elementary is currently located.  The capacity analysis will focus on how efficiently the existing space is being used as well as go through the building room-by-room and teacher-by-teacher to better understand and evaluated the education programs offered.
  2. Site Analysis – both at White Rock Elementary and some neighboring schools such as Northlake Elementary as the utilization of space can differ by campus.
  3.  Review existing reports and surveys – plans to revisit previous reports and suggestions made by the Lake Highlands Reflector committee and others
  4. Community Engagement
  5. Survey WRE zoned parents – focused on a desire to understand the opinions of all parents with children that feed into White Rock Elementary
  6. Recommendation to the board – based on a data driven decision from the results of steps 1-5 above.